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Evansville-Madisonville-Nashville line

Train #’s odd go south, evens go north except grain & coal unit trains which could be ether

Points of interest Between the EVWR and the PAL along the CSX.

South of were the EVWR joins up with the CSX at a wye is Howel yard. An ex L&N yard. CSXT trains are yarded there and is a crew change point. Until the 80’s IC had trackage rights along the CSX in both directions as part of their Evansville district. The IC trackage rights went into Kentucky.

Next point is the Ohio River Bridge which is best viewed from Downtown Henderson along the river. There is a mini version of the union station and a repainted L&N caboose that is a good vantage point.

Then there is the Union station area of Henderson KY which was the track age coming off the bridge splits into several routes. The route closest to the station site (if it still stands) was the IC and it is abandoned beyond the edge of town for most part. Central route continues on to Madisonville and points south while the third route “the Texas line” crosses the PAL outside Louisville. The stations are represents as close to Texas as the line would get.

The next point of interest is the Morganfield branch. There were multiple connections usually Via mines between the L&N and the IC including trackage rights to access various mines. The only mine complex known to me to be operating at this point is Dotiki. Occasionally EVWR and PAL trains will load at that mine.

In Madisonville KY there is a connection to the PAL a CSX yard and CSX has connections to some of the mines most notable is Warror mine served by and connected to both railroads and can be a busy place though only one train is loaded at a time.

CSX channels

channel use
161.370 road channel
160.980 Dispatcher “SA”
160.785 MOW*
160.890 Yard 1*
160.395 Yard 2*
160.305 Yard 3*
160.350 Yard 4*
161.265 PBX*

* Region wide

Locations and milepost on the main line

Station milepost Notes
North Howell 323.40 CSXT continues north
Howell 323.00 CSXT yard
South Howell 321.82
F.S.Tower 317.44
Henderson 312.80
Rankin 308.94
Robards 301.29
Sebree 296.51
Breton 292.67
Hanson 282.10
Arklow 277.08
Trident 276.38
Madisonville 275.43
Earlngton 271.18
Atkinson 275.21
Morton 267.70
Nortonville 264.18
Crofton 253.27
Kelly 247.62
Latham 240.77
Hopkinsville 239.51
(FT Campbell line) 236.1 army railroad
Casky 234.83
North Casky 234.8 North end of proposed yard
Pembroke 229.7 South end of proposed yard
Trenton 223.30
Guthrie yard 214.4 North end
Guthrie 215.77 RJ interchange to Memphis line nearby and engine house
Guthrie yard 215.8 South end/yard office end
Cedar Hill 204.40
Springfield 197.12
Courtland 193.08
Bakers 184.84
Goodlettsville 180.50
Amqui 176.78 Jct with Lou to Nash line
Radnor 190.00 Lou to Nash line
Nashville 186.50 Lou to Nash line

MP data taken from L&N Evansville Division timetable 86 April 26 1964

There are two lines in the Madisonville area and that’s how the data was presented.

Morganfield Branch

Occasionally served by PAL or EVWR unit trains for coal loading.

Station Mile post Notes
Clay 299.49
Providence 292.18
Shamrock JCT 288.43
Nebo 285.28
Trident 276.38

MP data taken from L&N Evansville Division timetable 86 April 26 1964

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