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Release notes and updates


Pages that are at .9 or higher should be about done so errors should be minimal and data complete as far as I know

upcoming projects: improve site menu, make site mobile friendlier

updating content to reflect the corprate name change, all headers should be fixed

test navagation bar on PAL and active locomotive page


8/26/22 SSL certificate installed, Shirley il page code fixed. new site map generated

8/24/22 first major update in a while, removed obsolete experimental code from the Mcleansboro IL page, fixed some code issues on little cypress pages 4 and 5

10/24/21 some site maintanice updated to new ICG decals page and other link repairs to internal pages. added picture sizes to little cypress pages 4 to 6

10/14/21 added a new temporary page showing catching the mail on a train with the train on the move at Illinois Railway Museum IRM Home

7/11/21 updated locomotive active roster

3/13/21 added scotty's mile post to PAL locations

10/19/19 updated the links page

10/5/19 added test site menu on master active roster, PAL page. Updated CSS which should make improvements on all other pages navagation bar

10/5/19 made changes to EVWR page, changed main navagation page in css changing header color and adding buttions

10/2/19 Added virtual buttons to the photo index page, updated the CSS file updated text on photo index page

9/28/19 update 3: added basic framework and photos for Little cypress 4, 5 and 6 and Paducah 8 added links on the index to galleries page and updated this page

9/28/19 update 2: updated site map

9/28/19 updated photos for gallery 7, smaller so they dont eat so much data or take loadig time on vewere webpages. Also updated this page, updated index to galleries removed some notes as to what is new

9/14/19 added paducah gallery 7, updated index to galleries, links page

9/10/19 added apple icons

9/9/19 added graphic of crossings on the EVWR at Mt. Vernon IL to the map room

10/14/18 added data to all time PAL roster

9/5/18 updated roster lease units on the EVWR, added two registered EVWR radio chanels, use unknown

7/8/18 added two Little Cypress Galleries

6/23/18 master roster updated with new EVWR lease power

6/1/18 master roster updated

12/30/17 fineshed captions on Paducah 6 and Little Cpress pages

12/27/17 added paducah gallery 6 and Little Cypress ky both pages are listed as "under construction" as not done.

10/5/17 forgot to fix headders on gallery pages, fixed all the headders on pages in that file

9/22/17 fixed formating errors on CSX page and headers on any page needing a heder or one that neaded updating and replaced site map

9/15/17 added updated headder on this page 403, 404, 410 and 500 eror pages, map room and index to galleries page

8/17/17 made very rough draft of cabose page avalable, updated the home page to reflect the change in corprate name as well

8/16/17 second update this month of acive units also added a note to the all time PAL roster

11/13/16 updated site map, fixed some buggy issues with the display of error pages updated htacess to block prohibited words or letter combinations from quires

11/5/16 added another Mt Venon IL gallery

11/4/16 added Mt Venon IL gallery

10/24/16 all pages should be coded to HTML 4 lose version now

10/20/16 updated All time PAL roster with new data, also the website should be running without the WWW and should be letting web browsers and search engines know to update the link

10/19/16 Updated EVWR page over all, added some data to the all-time PAL roster added some invalid character blocks to stop some suspicious quires to the server

10/13/16 updated EVWR page, added IL location data and removed a graphics bug

10/6/16 updated active unit master roster, updated 45xx, 21xx and 38xx series inforomaton as needed, begun removing "www." from webpages as neded, started with sitemap

10/5/16 updated active unit master roster, removed returned lease units

9/22/16 made change to home page, added custom 403 page, updated htaccess

2/7/16 updated all time PAL roster

2/6/16 added PAL ETT #2 to the PAL page

1/4/16 Updated PAL all time roster and four rivers roster

9/11/15 brought revised photp gallery page online full time

9/10/15 started updating off topic galleries with new stuff

8/25/15 renewed website for another year

12/21/14 Blocked a site spammer, updated the system roster with some new data, removed the VPB as no new data is available and I don’t have time to mess with the old data. It was on the site but not active so I removed the software and database.

10/26/14 new software for update fixed some issues but caused many more. All pages are working though some are just patched and not fully online

10/25/14 general update of most pages

8/5/14 added temp files for PRR has-mat book

6/14/14 added a temp link to an unknown source time books, later to be found from L&N

5/1/14 Added a temp link to NS scale car removed IC manual about IC cabooses

4/27/14 Updated All time PAL roster

4/19/14 Updated All time PAL roster and 4 rivers master roster for SD70MAC

3/27/14 added a temp link to a manual about IC cabooses. Some were later owned by the PAL

3/17/14 more roster updates and removed off topic material that was out of date

3/13/14 updated rosters

2/20/14 did some minor housekeeping

2/19/14 added another temporary link to a temporary file and blocked a web address probing the site

2/2/14 updated sd70 locations

11/10/13 updated CSXT page have been working on VPB pages, still need work.

10/19/13 updated VPB page and manual input page for VPB and site map

10/13/13 emergency update to block address in china that was probing site. Updated sitemap.

10/5/13 updated all time roster and master roster

9/23/13 all-time PAL roster updated, 4 rivers roster updated

9/21/13 updated A&O page with milepost locations

9/7/13 updated EVWR page

8 /13/13 added Carmi IL gallery

7/11/13 fixed issue with sitemap that developed, fixed broken link on temp page, added temp page to site map.

7/8/13 updated master roster

7/2/13 added the VPB user interface back where it was located. Added the notes from the last update at top of page

7/1/13 updated ".htaccess" to block a spam generator. Began to bring the VPB framework back on line for old data.

6/29/13 Four rivers roster updated PAL 45xx units and lease units, A&O home page updated

6/28/13 Four rivers roster updated PAL 45xx units

4/12/13 Master roster updated

2/27/13 finally added a link to the Central city page. Now people can go see it

2/18/13 began striping out VPB pages, planning to add redirects to VPB.html to the note about the search pages being no longer available.

2/16/13 disabled VPB application

2/2/13 updated all time roster

1/10/13 tweaked the visiting 150 page, did some database maintenance.

1/6/13 Update 3. Returned the missing link to the VPB page and added warning about the file size to the updated “last 150” locations page. Added page titles to the last 1,10, 30 and 150 visiting web pages. Last date by location now has title and shows the proper VPB key instead of temporary key number. Also a new site map has been uploaded.

1/6/13 Update 2. Last 30 and 50 records on VPB have been upgraded to the new standard.

1/6/13 "Last 10 units" in VPB has been revised and may become the new standard format for the application output.

1/1/13 VPB database was emptied to avoid space limits imposed by ISP. Otherwise by midyear, the DB would need to be empty or a more expensive hosting package purchased.

12/1/12 added new feature to VPB. Units can now be seen grouped by last location. Also the previous and last 10 locations now have a new format of header for the rows to save screen and page space. Site map updated as well.

11/6/12 Added color for three passing sidings on PAL location page

11/4/12 fixed minor glitch with the VPB trying to sometimes display whole message rather than abbreviation in action box with arrivals and departures offline

11/3/12 Have been watching the derailment coverage all week so updates are being pushed back

10/27/12 deleted the old website from the other webhost. Personal links to that site are now broken, enjoy the new site.

10/22/12 added sitemap hint to robots.txt

10/19/12 Site maintenance for the most part. Fixed broken links and a few tweaks around the site. Temp page gallery 6 for Paducah, fixed links in the links section, fixed bad link in Paducah gallery 4 & 5. Added a sitemap for the web botts.

10/13/12 index page tweaked, car trace system modified JCT Re and JCT De show for interchanged equipment, car trace locomotive list edited

10/7/12 new favicon added

9/15/12 control area has a direct one way link to the VPB inserted, fixed KEY box issues to give a constant width on full day view, fixed link between update records back to the control area. Made NS units auto add like the others.

9/14/12 redirect added from old site to new site

9/8/12 links page updated again and new web address for webmaster. New locations added to PAL locations.

9/7/12 links page updated

9/6/12 robots.txt added for web crawlers.

9/5/12 current roster updated

9/3/12 new server up and running at new web address, several pages updated

9/1/12 web pages being updated and installed on new server

8/27/12 new web address implemented, www.palfan.us

6/3/12 added a Paducah gallery

5/31/12 ongoing tweaks of the VPB working to add a backup system should the MySQL server become defective between downloads. PAL locations updated.

5/26/12 Updated the EVWR location and added a consolidated location behind the seines for control operations for the VPB.

4/5/2012 On the VPB input form has been updated. On the general access part of the site three new gallery pages and there related pictures have been added and the index page updated with links.

2/17/12 there should be a new hit counter on all the main pages.

2/12/12 Master roster updated

2/2/12 VPB database cleared and VPB reset to start taking data starting at 2/1/2012. Index page and VPB pages were updated and list of current units used by the PAL updated.

12/30/2011 Updated EVWR page added two Paducah galleries to the gallery section.

12/12/11 updated the EVWR main page and updated the master roster

12/10/11 updated data to EVWR page and PAL all time roster

12/1/2011 revised galleries with the new data standard for galleries. Uploaded pics for Paducah gallery four and updating the all-time PAL roster with the latest data.

11/24/2011 Updated the all time roster of PAL locomotives and added links back to the gallery index page from the galleries missing said link.

11/13/11 Several incremental updates applied to the PAL all time roster, update to the Index page of galleries and two new galleries added.

10/30/11 PAL All time roster updated and some picture pages tweaked. More picture pages to be added once I finalize the template.

9/24/11 third update. Added code to add header to all pages to templates. All pages should now display header on top as well. Also updated the master site navigation to the most current set of links. In all 17 files updated this time. Old gallery pages have been replaced with a temporary page with a link to the new picture index page. That is being done to avoid error messages if people use the links from Google or other search engines until the sight’s next indexing by there respective web crawlers.

9/24/11 Second update. Galleries now in their own folder to keep them organized, with relevant links updated. Index page had gallery link added. Tweaked the master roster page.

9/24/11 First update. PAL and EVWR pages had links up dated and new gallery link added. New page for consolidating gallery images was also added. A&O page got some general work done beside link work and is somewhat less rough.

9/2/11 Added Paducah Gallery to PAL page

8/24/11 added four photo galleries to the PAL section, and links from the PAL page. Also updated the CSS file and fixed a minor graphics bug in the pal locations file. Also adding a new link to the links page.

8/21/11 updated PAL and EVWR location information

7/30/11 Added milepost information on EVWR and CSXT pages and tweaked PAL master roster display

7/29/11 New links added to links section

7/28/11 Welcome page/index has been updated with new text

7/9/11 Second update. Home page, master roster, disclaimers, and Locations along the PAL have been updated. Removed on those pages was the counter information from the web hosting service as it no longer works and I will remove from other pages as they get updated. I may add my own counter at some point.

7/9/11 most of data I have is online for the PAL roster. Still need to consolidate data in comments

6/24/11 updated the PAL roster should be about 75% complete. Need retirement dates/dispositions.

6/14/11 updated and corrected PAL locations list and adding hit counters to pages to get a better Idea of were people are looking and expand in those areas. Adding link to new PAL all time roster section.

6/12/11 Added PAL map room & added maps. Updated PAL locations with a location and color. Added VPB updateto last section.

6/5/11 graphics and worked out some minor bug issues. Color backgrounds should be in place on most VPB pages if not should be on the next update. Cleaned up graphics on the home page and tweaked the text.

5/30/11 updated the tracked locomotive list for VPB.

5/28/11 Updated the VPB input page with some new and better options. Updated the text on the home page and update data on VPB shortly. Over 11,000 locomotive records for 2011 online so far.

4/16/11 Updated the VPB with 2 new search options. Last location from a specified day and time and the other last 150 locations.

3/18/11 VPB is getting loaded with new information regularly. New search of VPB data has been added and home page has been updated.

3/3/11 VPB has been tweaked to improve graphics particularly so the rows line up better. The VPB itself has been running about ten (10) days behind (2/22/11 at the moment) as try to get caught up. Error correction is being tweaked for VPB and more road choices have been added to the dropdown menus.

2/6/11 added three new search options to the VPB also been adding table data for year is current as far as what’s on hand through the 1/26/11 from the first of the year.

1/22/11 VPB converted to chart format, VPB entrance page updated as was the VPB input page

1/21/11 VPB data became active with real data

1/20/11 VPB made active for testing

1/14/11 After a week of work, the input side of the VPB is almost done. The first 1 of ten locomotives post correctly, the other nine should be working correctly momentarily. CSS should link to the VPB input page. Next project is to check on the output page once the database is populated with real data.

1/1/11 new email for site "webmonster@4riverstrans.host56.com"

12/31/10 fixed things on the known issues list. All known issues have been fixed and it’s off to find some more

12/30/10 5:45 PM last update today. VPB has been set up but not tested or trouble shot. Will start on that hopefully tomorrow. Also Home page has a counter and add for the hosting service. Sorry about that but it’s a free site, and a few other errors have been addressed on the index/home page.

12/30/10 2:40 PM update. It floats! Navigation bar now floats at or near the top of every page were present. On pages were there is no bar the links have been made more descriptive and moved to a more convenient location were necessary.

12/30/10 1:25 PM update. Links now go directly to the new home page, old home page removed. CSXT page typo corrected & css1 file now controls CSXT page as well. CSS2 removed as unused.

12/29/10 Updated CSS 1 file, combined start and home pages, and added a temporary home page were the old page was until I can finish updating links.

12/28/10 roster update for PAL. Updated framework for new VPB installed, hookup should be over the next few days as I get time. They will co-inside with other page changes.

12/27/10 roster updated for A&O and EVWR

12/7/10 index / start page updated

12/5/10 Godman tower channel added to PAL related radio channels

12/4/10 updated roster. Found test updated website was removed by another ISP so may just update this one to that level rather than move site

8/13/10 work continues periodically on the VPB. Otherwise the CSX page has been filled in and the links page has been updated.

7/22/10 3:00 PM Update updated the start page, updated the roster and did some stuff with the VPB. Also went with a lighter grey background color for the pages via CSS.

7/17/10 12:01 PM update. Made changes to EVWR page, CSS 1 & 2 fixed some broken links and added a link to the PAL page to the master roster.

7/16/10 5 PM update added a header and made changes to the CSS file to change colors comments solicited on color choices. Should be updates tomorrow in addition to any tonight.

7/8/10 4:00 PM made some updates to the pal LOCATIONS file including adding Early Times siding and fixing a formatting error. Other projects are not up like work on the VPB which is not ready for public release yet.

7/5/10 4:20 PM update: Not as much done as I planned but the new page for the links is up. Still need to add the hyperlinks and still pondering any additional links to add. Drop me a note if there are any that come to mind that are relevant. Also changed is the CSS file for the CSXT page. To keep with the theme the colors are blue, grey, and yellow. No updates planned until tomorrow.

7/5/10 12:01 PM update is up and that should complete the roster page with the exception of the final styling’s and general site upgrades and is now a 0.9 version so enjoy and let me know what’s missing or incomplete as well as any updated information.

7/5/10 8 AM update: added the 21xx series to the roster Also added the link to the roster page to the temporary toolbar on the four rivers page. Planning to have the roster done by 12:01 PM Paducah time.

7/4/10 5:55 PM Update Fist batch of the roster is up. Projects for the next 24 hours are to finish the roster and links section. Tomorrow night plain is to start working with the VPB application and try to get that going.

7/4/10 3:30 PM Update: added links from the PAL & EVWR pages to a new CSXT page. Added more radio information and behind the seines added a second CSS page so the CSXT page can be controlled separately.

7/4/10 6 AM what’s new: Tweaked the temporary navigation bar. Disclaimer page update and radio information for the A&O and EVWR. Next update should happen in the next 24 hours.

7/4/10 5AM. Adding this page is an update. Beyond that the Locations on the PAL page has been filled up.