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version 1.2 This site is still under construction. See notes page for updates and changes added

Welcome to the P&L Transportation, formerly the Four Rivers Transportation fan site. For those that are just visiting us for the first time or are visitors who have not visited since or relocation, our web address is www.palfan.us . In order to make it memorable it was intentionally wordplay on the hobby terminology “railfan”.

While this site is not directly about PALT, it is geared toward the three operating railroads the corporation operates. The P&L Transportation, Inc. corporate operations are handled at the home office and rail operations are handled at the railroad level with the PAL taking a dormant role in support operations in customer service and car hiring and billing. Questions about operational actions or regulatory concerns should be addressed with the corporation. Contact links can be found in the links section.

This group is geared toward fans friends and neighbors a chance to share information in an informal setting. Most railroads do not have the time or resources to answer questions or explain what is going on any why to everyone so hopefully we can make ourselves useful. If you’re looking for more detailed information or do not see what you’re looking for I recommend the Respective “Yahoo groups “for a given railroad and asking there.

The Corporation is a working for profit railroad. All company property is privately owned so please respect the railroads property as well as the company’s neighbors. That includes staying off equipment tracks and bridges or any company marked property.


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