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Information on EVWR

Version 1.02

The Evansville western railway (althoug its still a railroad) resent history can be found on the official website. The short story is that it’s a former L&N later CSXT. The line had been sinking in traffic and maintenance volume as CSXT had two parallel lines to St. Louis and this line was the one that got cut.

Power for the startup was provided by the PAL and there possibly were some GMTX lease units on hand. Early on 3 SD40’s were acquired and overhauled and repainted by NRE at Paducah, although NRE’s home office and shops are along the EVWR. The SD60 became available and that too was added to the fleet. As more EVWR GP’s became available the PAL units returned home mostly bumping GMTX 26xx locomotives back to NRE at Paducah.

Types of traffic one can expect to see along the EVWR are unit trains with CSXT or BNSF power that is run through to ether the loading or unloading points. EVWR and GMTX 26xx lease units holding down most general job assignments and the EVWR 600x series on unit coal train service headed offline for loading to an offline mine.

Service is daily on the east end and is as needed on the west end particularly west of Mount Vernon IL.

For information on CSXT at Evansville and points North and South see the CSXT page

CSXT page

Radio Channels

160.8150 Evansville Western Road Channel

161.055 Evansville Western (2nd Channel)

160.275 (unknown use)

161.310 (unknown use)

Locations along the EVWR

East/West locations in notes are for connivance and are not official.

Main line MP are prefexed with OOH

Mile post location name notes
445.21 Okawville IL current end of the line
441.9 Addieville IL West end of siding
441.0 Addieville IL Elavator spur
440.6 Addieville IL East End of siding
434.9 Nashville IL former MP crossing
434.71 Nashville IL
429.71 Beacoup
424.11 Ashley IL Crossing with CN
423.7 Ashley crossing CN diamonds
415.5 Woodlawn IL location of crossing
415.11 Woodlawn IL unused passing track/BNSF interchange
414.? Woodlawn IL east end of the passing track
413.86 Trout Rd crossing crossing past the end of the passing track
408.11 Mt. Vernon IL
407.21 shops NRE shops and UP &NS at Mt. Vernon IL
406.6 UP diamonds location per the SCL #4 ETT
403.61 Shirley now just a single ended siding
403.17 Howard Chapel Rd Grade crossing /Coral road now end of "Shirly passing track" New passing track to the East
400.xx Opdyke IL new siding, east end
400.49 Opdyke IL Lighthouse Rd crossing between the town and new siding
400.0 Opdyke IL Yard limits
397.21 Belle Rive IL Passes over the CN Edgewood Cut-off, hot box detector
393.31 Dahlgren IL Old station, private owner
380.00? White Oak Mine 1 West lead
388.37? White Oak Mine 1 East lead
388.00 road to White Oak Mine 1 500E road
387.71 Delafield IL passing track
385.32 county road 19, paved grade crossing west of wye to "saveatran spur"
385.3 Sugar camp mine Wye west switch leads to the "McLeansboro District"
385.0 Sugar camp mine Wye east switch just off County Rd 725 E(East), gravel
382.71 Mc Leansboro IL Crew base, Passing track
377.30 ? Bunge-SCF Grain spur using old coal mine
377.01 Thackeray IL
370.00 Enfeild IL Grain elevator with locomotive
370.1 Enfeild IL old crossing, trackage used by elevator to store cars (location per SCL #4 ETT)
369.81 Enfeild IL old Station location?
369.6 Enfeild IL west end of passing track
364.51 Trumbull IL West end of siding?
364.41 Trumbull siding? CR700E grade crossing, About 3 miles North of Brownsville IL
363.41 Trumbull siding? CR800E grade crossing,
362.39 (none) CR900E grade crossing West of Carmi
360.31 Carmi IL Old Junction with NYC/PC & joint bridge
356.61 Epworth Passing track/Patiki mine to the east
355.1 Patiki mine abandoned “Epworth defect detector"
355.05 Patiki mine Crossing behind mine, adjacent to abandoned “ Epworth defect detector“ Patiki mine conector to the immediate east, no conection to the west
353.11 County road 1700 East New hotbox detector Adjacent grade crossing (detector is between there and MP 353.0)
352.41 Maunie
345.51 Upton Passing track
341.41 Mt. Vernon IN Operating Headquarters Southside of town
MP neaded Main st crossing Mt. vernon MOW base, smal yard to west
339.9 Tile Factory Rd, Mt. Vernon IN grade crossing between Yards and port
MP neaded Leonard rd east of port, east end of siding and port lead
MP neaded william Keck bypass IN 69 west of old bayer plant
337.43 Lamott IN
MP neaded Indian mound rd sidings to west
MP neaded Nations siding west end Nations siding west end of long and short passing track
335.5 Nations siding yard limit & East end of passing track, Nation road crossing
334.78 Cabon Rd grade crossing outside of the commuity of Cabon IN
332.38 Ford road crossing ajacent to the corner of wolf road & ford road
MP # needed South Vectren
332.0 railroad west of North Vectren
331.5 Abee IN (ABEC on EVWR map)A.B. Brown power Plant & Bio energy plant, now known as North Vectren
(need MP #) Wildman Rd crossing between Vectren and Belknap siding
331.37 Belknap siding Aprox West end of siding extention, short of North Vectren
need mp # St Phillips rd at Creamety rd
329.6 Buchanan crossover mid siding crosover from siding to main
Need MP # Hogue Rd crossing at creamery rd
328.68 Belknap IN
328.3 Roesner road crossing (OOS?) near end of siding. End of siding is between crosing and University parkway overpass
328.3 Belknap IN Howell BLOCK sign
328.68 North Howell IN
323.40 Howell IN CSXT yard

Data is presented in the order presented by the L&N.

MP data taken from L&N Evansville Division timetable 86 April 26 1964 with some curent location data being added from actual sightings