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radio frequencies for the PAL as well as connections

version 0.6

PAL radio frequincies

Channel use notes
160.740 road channel AAR 42
160.695 PAL yard AAR 39
161.325 PAL yard AAR 81
160.830 MOW low power/ not repeated
160.335 Data unknown
161.205 paducah shops low power, PAL shop area only
457.9375 EOT Universal
452.9375 DPU Universal


used for trains crosing the P&I to get to the Kevil branch, TVA and UP & BNSF lines

Channel use notes
160.920 CN dispatcher P&I and Edgewood cut off
161.190 road channel
161.280 yard/switching
161.460 yard/switching

usefull frequinies around Paducah

company frequincy use
BNSF 161.100 Road Channel
VMV/NRE 153.1250 switching
VMV/NRE 153.260 switching
VMV/NRE 153.155 primary
VMV/NRE 153.380 paint shop?
VMV/NRE 158.310 general shop talk
VMV/NRE 153.335 not used by VMV?

Other freq.‘s (not confirmed unless noted)

some channels may no longer be used others maybe not listed

Channel user or use confirmed
156.3500 ROCKPORT/Green River Bridge control, request bridge open (MP 117.9)
156.4500 ROCKPORT/Green River Bridge control, request bridge open (MP 117.9)
156.5000 ROCKPORT/Green River Bridge control, request bridge open (MP117.9)
156.8000 ROCKPORT/Green River Bridge control, request bridge open (MP 117.9)
452.9125 1 Watt for RC use-PAL Paducah being implamented
452.9625 1 Watt for RC use-PAL calvert city, Madisonville, Cecilia, Louisville need update on implamentation
161.190 used for rail op’s CCT (confirmed)- bootleg channel?
159.600 used at KY lakes for CCT
159.600 AEPX switching (American electric power)Cook Coal Terminal - Metropolis, IL
151.6250 Calvert City Terminal (CCT)
151.8650 Calvert City Terminal (CCT)
151.9250 Calvert City Terminal (CCT)
451.0250 AEPX Cook Coal Terminal - Metropolis, IL
153.1550 GRT at Grand Rivers
158.3250 GRT at Grand Rivers
461.5500 Used by Track Tech - Calvert City
161.1000 BNSF Road Channel (Centralia, IL to Paducah, KY) confermed, low power in KY
151.535 Warrior coal- Madisonville
152.960 Marten-Marietta Fredonia quarry (north end of FVRR)
CB band? FVRR between quarry and Princeton- may use FRS bands 462.5625-467.7125 for crew talk
154.490 Rodgers group quarry, Cedar bluff
160.020 Rodgers group quarry, Cedar bluff
151.535 Vulcan Materials KY lake
151.595 Vulcan Materials KY lake
153.095 Vulcan Materials KY lake
153.200 Vulcan Materials KY lake
158.280 Vulcan Materials KY lake
158.310 Vulcan Materials KY lake
156.450 Vulcan Materials KY lake- Barge operations
133.350 Godman tower,Ft. Knox, used for air trafic control PAL trains are cordanated with tower

Louisville area frequencies

CSXT 161.370 161.520

NS 160.245 160.950

LIRC 161.025

More chanel information avalabe at the PAL yahoo group in the files section

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