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locations along the PAL

version 1.1

PAL location data Updated 3/13/21

Data came from old ETT's were current information or sightings are unavailable. IF anyone has more current information let the us know and we'll update the sight with more accurate information and add any missing data. Particularly needed is information East of Madisonville on passing tracks (sidings used for train meets) in particular.Color codeing is a work in progress.

MP name
1-4.5 Louisville yard area
4.5 Shively LG&E, cane run RD access via “y” former IC Frankford spur
3.6 to 4.8 Early Times siding
12 Valley station
17 Kosmosdale
20.8 West point - fourth st
21 West point
28.3 Tip top
31 Ft. Knox station
35.2 scotty's stone unload site
36.7 Vine grove- Main ST
41.0 Rineyville
45.8 North end Cecilia siding
46.9 Cecilia - Black Branch Rd yard office
47 Cecilia junction with Elizabethtown branch
50.02 Hot box detector
51.7 Stephsburg
57.5 Summit
61.5 North Big Cliffty
62 Big Clifty
? South Big Cliffty
68 Clarkson
71.05 Leitchfield, route KY 902 passing track
71.52 Leitchfield ,Main st, route KY 259 passing track running to the east/North
77.99 Millwood, route KY 2193 grade crosing single ended siding to east, was double ended in 1965
83.7 Caneyville grade crossing KY 79 MOW spur off Caneyville siding
83.8 North end Caneyville siding
87.6 Spring Lick area, Route KY 736 1 track, feilds on one side hill on the other
88 Spring Lick
91.5 Goffs
96.? Horse Branch old IC station and PAL maintance base, unused yard to South/west
96.8 South Horse Branch siding extends North/east small yard also in that direction
100.1 Rosine only grade crosing in town IC type C station nearby
103.5 Horton (hot box detector) Mt Zion Rd grade gets steep to the north/east. single ended siding extends up grade, south west end removed.
105.8 KY 6117 /Robroy rd Parkway along side runing paralel
108.6 Beaver Dam, route KY 321 pasing track extends east ward
111.71 Mc Henry, Route KY 1245 crossing west of Mine lead
115 Ken Wye or just Ken There was a spur/Y to Pyramid mine,abandoned S-6 switcher
117.6 Rockport first signal east of brige on Main st.
117.9 Rockport (drawbridge) green river
119.5 Martwick
121.21 Nelson, route KY 1379
125 Central city yard
125.5 Central City (siding from 126-124)
128 Cherry
129.66 River Queen mine (used for storage)
131 KY 131 aproxament location
138 Vogue
139.8 Pond river grade crosing KY 70
141.5 Pond/pond river (RUBY siding) (pass)
143.4 Cimarron mine (in East Diamond area)
144.4 CSX interchange
145.3 Pennyrile Parkway underpass
145.56 CSXT main line underpass
145.96 Fugate lumber spur /old Madisonville lead track (removed)
147.7-149.5 West yard
149.32 Highway 70 crosses yard lead
149.38 North leg Warrior mine loop
149.82 South leg Warrior mine loop (Warrior Mine also known as Carnine KY)
153.3 Richland-KY route 1337 off KY 70 signal and detector near grade crossing
153.5 defect detector
158.85 Charleston KY 109 overpass North side of town
161.1 West KY parkway/I-69 passes over the PAL
162.12 (Princeton?) Mine equipment Co., Former mine site
162.7 US 62 Overpass Six seam area of Dawson springs
164.35 Begins Dawson Springs passing track
165.00 Dawson Springs (“station“) end of passing track
166.4 (tunnel) KY 672 goes over top
172.5 Claxton Jones Keeney Rd crossing, Off of old RR bed road
175.3 KY route 278, overhead bridge Scott Junction named for comunity, to the east, removed.
175.9 KY route 91 underpass split between old and new ROW comunity known as Scottsburg
177 KY route 128 Ceader bluff Quarry
178 .5 Cedar Bluff (Former start of double track to the West.)
180-182 Princeton Yard (limits 178.5-183) (pass)
181 Princeton yard office, new start of passing track/second main to the west (pass)
183 Dulaney Jnc. Aprox. location(begin double track)
184 Approximant location of Matt Rich Rd Crossing is #297-131A
186.5 Dulaney road /KY route 881 189.45 Fairview siding extends aprox MP 190
189.5 Hot Box detector
199.6 EUREKA passing track east of Barkly dam (198.5-200.0) (pass)
202 Grand Rivers (pass)
203.0 KY dam/ JESSUP/ GRT 1 &2 (pass)
204.8 (old Gilbertsville 282 bridge?)
205.8 Gilbertsville junction (GV) new detector location/yard limit (detector)
206.4 Gilbertsville grade crossing Double track
208.8 Beach St Calvert city Double track
209 Calvert (the railroad location for town proper) Double track
209.1 Calvert city -Main st/ highway 95 Double track
209.9 Crossover from indusial area wye to right handed running Double track
210.? Wye from main line to the indusial area/ crossover from SB main to NB main Double track
212.? Crossover against current of traffic allows access to the Calvert City indusial area Double track
212 Mcfarline Rd Double track
213 Calvert city yard limit Double track
214? (gun club) Double track
214.6 Little Cypress Double track
221.2 Clarks River Bridge Double track
221.9 Crossover, allows trains to run against current of traffic into Paducah, at the flood wall Double track
222.9 Old Benton Rd crossing, short of last set of block signals Double track
223.0 new yard limit Double track
223.1 Yarbro crossover spring switches Double track
223.3 Husbands rd, Tipple track & Paducah port lead Double track
224 Island creek bridge & old wal-mart switch Double track
224.8 Little Ave crossing (union station) crazy thing is the address is 1340 Mallory st!
225-229 Paducah yards (229 is south most yard limit)

Mayfield Branch

Milepost location
228.5 South yard Paducah (south end)
229 (Yard limits)
238 Boaz
240.2 Viola
242.5 Hickory
248 Mayfield station (demolished)
252 Clayburn

Maxon Dist /Kevil branch

Milepost location
229.5 CR junction
234.5 Maxon Jnc / P&L Jnc
239.5 USEC wye now part of main line

Elizabethtown Branch (E-town branch)

Milepost location
0.0 Cecilia
0.1 Cecilia Farm Supply
2.3 Dana Corp. (pickup truck frames)
3.0 Flint Ink (Ink, Color Pigments, Varnish)
3.8 Al Sedel?
4.0 Gates Rubber (Automotive and Industrial Belts)
4.2 Cola Tex?
4.4 Crucible Colt Steel (Now part of the Remington Arms Company)
5.1 Hardin Co. Southern States Coop.

P&I CN dispached

Milepost location
0.00 begins were the Connection to the old IC and CB&Q river front track at Metropolis
2.00 Is on the Bridge
4.00 Chiles
6.00 Massac
9.39 CR junction - Kevil Branch splits off
10.7 Aprox. end of passing track from CR Junction
11.43 Clark St crossing MOW siding
11.60 Jackson St. “Golf course” runs east along tracks
12.49 Old Mayfield road bridge crosses overhead
12.5 South Yard connection splits off in between these locations
12.51 Schneidman Rd crossing
13.19 Bridge over PAL yards
13.95 End P&I / P&I junction (begins PAL zip1 & 2)

Notes: Passing tracks highlighted in blue Were more than one item applyes the right row indacates multi tracks and mainline use. Yellow is for detectors and red is yard limits. Locations in yard limits the Mile post numbers are highlited in red. This ist is not all inclusive and more than one color may apply.

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