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Paducah KY 11-10-2011

Over all look at the shops

Over all shot of the PAL shops in Paducah. Looks like the newest power on the line is an unnumbered “john deer”.

deer on the yard leads

Taken during deer season so the safest place to hide probably is in the yard.

PAL 3817 and CEFX 120

PAL 3817 and CEFX 120 in front of the engine house.

Serviceing area

PAL 2119 is getting the handbrake worked on while 2112 GMTX 2628, PAL 8507 and PAL 2127 standby on the ready tracks.

servicing area

A little diffrent view.

GMTX 2178

GMTX 2178 behind the house. Normally PAL leases 26xx series units from GMTX but they must have none available for lease or one of the regulars is in the shop.

more power on the ready track and behing the shops

GMTX 2648 with leaser’s logo on the long hood with regular PAL lease unit 2628 behind in standard paint.

PAL 3811 3812 and 3801 in south yard

PAL 3811 3812 and 3801 in south yard waiting there turn to make a trip to the lakes to unload there train.

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