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Paducah KY Sept 4th 2011

PAL 3808 2102 at VMV

PAL engines 3808 and 2102 sit on the VMV inbound track awating the trip to the VMV shops. Note the herd of deer about to cross infront of the gate of the shops.

almost out of power

Roadmate, SD90, and a road mother/ GP40-2

CEFX 121 and PAL 2105

A better look at PAL 2105 on the ready track and CEFX 121 behind the shops.

inbound METX eingine

METX engine leading the cut left earler in the day in North Yard by the CN inerchange train,PAL symbol FUPD.

CN 5609 on 1A south yard

CN 5609 with 5625 on 1A south yard waiting on the PAL to bring emptiy cars back from one of the KY lake area coal teminals.

CN 5625

CN 5625 with the CN 5609 on 1A south

PAL 3801 with the Calvert City local

PAL 3801 leading the "calvert local" from Calvert City KY

PAL 2100 in North yard

PAL 2100 in North yard ready to lead the WPW outbound train. The inbound crew will leve there train and take this train and power back to West yard, Madasonville KY.If you look past the brige, in the distance is the CN power from above. Also there is UP locomotives waiting to be rebult at Progress rail in mayfeild. The last two groups are in south Yard while the 2100 is in North yard.

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