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Paducah KY 8/20/11

Overall view of PAL enginehouse 8/20/11.

Overall view of PAL engine house 8/20/11. Units from left to right are GMTX 2004 GMTX 2175 GMTX 2005 PAL 1998 PAL 3811 PAL 3812 PAL 3809 GMTX 2628 PAL 3804 PAL 3800 CEFX 1XX PAL 2109 PAL 2110 PAL 3806

lease units in the sun

GMTX units 2004 2175 2005 waiting for road test after getting work at VMV. Normally after testing any adjustments are made any washing that needs to occur then are released to the PAL to move to the proper interchange point. 8/20/11

Servicing area

Servicing area with PAL 2109 2110 3806 waiting for fuel and sand.

ready tracks

Units at the far end of the ready tracks. Units on hand get fueled sand and any minor work or adjustments before the next trip. The Maroon CEFX unit is behind the engine house were work can be performed outside out of the way or units can be held before moving inside. Shop tracks can hold two (2) GP or 1 SD90 inside on each track.Left to right PAL 3809 GMTX 2628 PAL 3804 3800 CEFX 1xx 8/20/11

ready tracks II

Further South on the ready tracks from left to right is PAL 1998 in dark blue,3811 3812 3809 and GMTX 2628. PAL 3809 to 3812 have RC equipment which was installed but not currently used although plans are to use the units for RC switching in the major yards. 8/20/11

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