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Horse branch KY

PAL Yard station Passing track and MOW area

striped burro crane in yard

Sitting in the small yard at horse branch was this partly stripped Burro crane and tender. Dosent look like any other equipment has been in the yard in some time. 8-17-11

other side of crane as seen from the crossing

view of the other side of the crane wich looks in good shape exept the missing rear. Note how that pice of treated lumber on the tender is holding the boom up off the tender deck. 8-17-11

Looking Railroad north towrds station

Looking Railroad north towrds station along the passing track. The station is around the curve the yard ends before the curve with a swich onto the passing track. Both tracks continue on past the station. 8-17-11

view towrds south Horse branch were the passing track ends

the view towrds south Horse branch were the passing track ends. Notice the yellow sign which is for a speed resrtiction, for the curve, of is 30 mph. The passing track dosent apper to be used much although the gravel grade crossing I'm standing on seems to see even less trafic as the flangeways are clear of rock since the last train went though. 8-17-11

back of station from street

View of the back of station from street. The Black and brown rectangle is a metal plack for something. It is too small to read from the street and with nobody around to ask to look, I stayed of the companies property. 8-17-11

Diffrent View of station.

Diffrent View of station. The road from which that picture is taken goes down a ways then crosses the tracks. No view of the North end of the passing track is visible from that crossing. 8-17-11

view of relationship of buildings

Showing the relationship of buildings. The green building has no tracks or windows so I assume it is used for MOW equipment storage. The logo on the street side is a nice touch. 8-17-11

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