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Hickory Kentucky April 4 2012

sidings at Clay plant

Looking south with an extreme zoom from the first grade crossing North of the Old Hickory Clay Plant. The bridge in the background is The Purches Parkway /I-69. The switches for both sides of the plant are at this end. If you cannot make it out there are two covered hoppers on the right spur.

passing track from the North

Looking North from the same grade crossing as in photo number one. That is milepost 240 between the crossing and the passing track.

looking south though town

Looking South from the only grade crossing in town, looking toward an unknown former customer. Note how the building is angled to accommodate a siding and the dock full of pallets that is not usable for trucks to back into due to the tracks. That is the passing track in the distance.

passing track looking south

Looking to the south from the grade crossing as above but zoomed to the siding. Notice Old Hickory clay in the distance and there is no switch to the unused siding.

unused siding

The disconnected siding looking North East towards the passing track and mainline.

track in a field

Looking across the street to the end of the siding. Listed in 1973 by the ICG as the “Bell Clay Company” and I assume they loaded clay at this location.

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