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Central City KY 8/18/12

CSXT to PAL conection

Looking North from the former L&N, now CSX, looking at the unused connection to the PAL. Sunk into the mud along that point is a second disconnected track heading toward the PAL. As a point of reference the picture is taken from the only grade crossing South of the PAL in town.

inerchange view two

Little different view zoomed in a bit to show connection grade, condition and downed trees.

old yard area

Looking from one of the adjacent streets at the former yard area, which is now a weedy field. Hard to believe that was once a busy yard with a roundhouse. That is the main line peeking through the weeds, while the concrete shell of the coaling tower stands in the background.

A lost civilization?

Looking more like ruins from a lost civilization in the jungle, rather than a lost way of life on the edge of town, a view of the coaling tower shell from another street.

A monument to steam locomotives and coal power

A zoomed in to view of the shell of the coaling tower. That is the only identifiable feature in the yard outside of the yard office which really is not in the yard.

tracks with strips of weeds inbetween

In front of the yard office there is three sets of tracks widely spaced. I’m not sure of the configuration at that point of the various tracks.

switch stand at Central City

A spring switch stand in the weeds. Not sure if that is a converging or diverging at that point but it is apparently connected to the main line.

General view of yard office area

Looking across the yard office parking lot at the coaling tower tracks and switch stand. There are two tracks here and to the west. So that maybe a crossover but could not see from public property at this time.

Yard office with dock.

Track side of the yard ofice as seen from the street.

View of Dock

View of the dock in front of the yard office.

Back side of yard office

The back side of the yard office showing docks.

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