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Mt Vernon IN area 10-29-16

Mix of power

Power for what appears to be the MV-1 to Evansville IN. The train is cut for the crossing with an air line under the street to connect the two portions together. The locomotives are PAL 3803 3808 and the lead unit is EVWR. Location is the "new" EVWR yard on the North side of the diamond with the main line along the old C&EI ROW.

PAL 2103

A better look at the last unit and first hopper, one of two identical hoppers leading the train. The tracks in the foreground end then restart with a new lead beyond the crossing.

PAL 2103 headlight

Zoomed in picture of the above picture showing the detail of the new LED headlight.

DODX 39850

Further back in the train and on other side of crossing was DODX 39850 with a tarped load. The Westinghouse plant on the other side of town by the EVWR offices makes Nuclear reactor parts. I suspect it was made and loaded over there and is headed to the military. Note the car has two four wheel trucks on each end.

DODX 39850 detail

Detail of the tarping as well as a sign telling about the load. It is not much of a national secret when they put a sign on the load telling were it came from, where it’s going and what it is.

DODX 39850 sign detail

Cropped and zoomed picture of the sign. First block is the address of the plant that made the load. Second block is the destination, Electric boat (submarine shipyard) in CT giving details down to the zip code Below that the third block is the contact information including phone number load description (unreadable) pressure vessel it’s the #24 car then gives its reporting marks. Also what it is for, the new IOWA submarine under construction, and then the bottom is the load weight information.

EVWR 3837

EVWR 3837 on the servicing track.

EVWR 3833 on the servicing track.

EVWR 3833 on the servicing track under the sand tower.

front view EVWR 3833

EVWR 3833 on the servicing track. There are a few interesting details there is a forward facing “crash camera” but its dark colored rather than the usual light grey or white and mounted just under the bottom headlight,rather than by the engineer's window, which appears to be a standard bulb. Also note the lock between the window and the front door just under the number board.

EVWR 6003

EVWR 6003 on one of the maintenance tracks in the shop and office area. The hoppers are on the leads to the adjacent grain elevator. The tracks in the foreground are the “main line” to the industries along the river on the south west side of town. Also note the stripped EMD 16 cylinder engine on the ground.

The whole shot was made posable due to the sand tower, which is providing just enough shadow on the street to keep the sun off the camera lenses otherwise the shot would be washed out.

EVWR 3837 rear

EVWR 3837 from the same location as above just tuned a bit and less of a zoom. Note the crash camera under the rear headlight.

EVWR 3839

EVWR 3839. Walked up to the next crossing unit has all kinds of things going on. Most unusual for an EVWR unit there are 2 crash cams up front one centered under the number boards and another over the engineer’s small front window.

EVWR 3838

EVWR 3838. Both this shot and the one prior were taken with the help of the shadow of the grain elevator next door.

CEFX 106 and CEFX 122

CEFX 106 and 122 Photo taken from the Mount Vernon bypass route 69. The locomotives are behind the old 200 building of Bristol-Myers Squibb and the tracks in the foreground also go along side the building.

(pic description)

A lot going on but no action. MoW have some machines stored on the West end, the CEFX are on the East end and just barely visible ahead down the tracks is Nations siding, where there is the rear of a NS coal train getting ready to depart.

rear of NS coal train

Route 69 and a rural road split just past the crossing and it follows the tracks a few hundred feet before tuning away from the tracks. Since everything was harvested there is a shot of Nations siding. At the west end there are three tracks, the south one is used for storage. That is the rear of the NS coal train.

NS 1034 and 2665

As I was leaving the NS coal train was too. Since we were both headed the same direction but I was short on time I grabbed a few shots. NS 1034 and NS 2665 are in the lead at Caborn Rd, MP 334.78 on the main line, outside of the comunity of Caborn IN

NS 9183 and 1042

Rear units NS 9183 and NS 1042

NS 1042 rear

I took the last shot after the fact, I had gotten in my car than I had second thoughts if I had got the rear unit or at least a number so I took that shot though my windshield and didn’t have time to focus. A total grab shot.

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