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Mt Vernon IN area 10-8-16


EVWR coal train with all three SD70MAC passes the Country Mark Co-Op oil refinary. They are moving slow at this point with the tail end still on the dimonds with the ex C&EI line.

All three EVWR SD70MAC

All three SD70MAC having crossed Givens Rd on the main Line. Next stop in Illinois for loading.

EVWR 3838 and 3839

EVWR 3838 and 3839 on the engine servicing track at the old station

PAL 2103 & 2108

PAL 2103 & 2108 have been working on the EVWR. With a cab at both ends, the pair can compete with the SD on the coal runs and still hold down road switcher jobs on rail most people wouldn't run a six axel locomotive. With the downturn in coal traffic on the PAL and the arrival of the SD70MAC on both the PAL the GMTX units seem to all have been retuned and the PAL units migrated over to fill in for any OOS four or six axel power.

CSX coal train in Nations siding

Loaded CSXT coal train parked at Nations siding short of Gun Club Road pointing back to CSXT rails at Evansville IN. There is an air line under the crossing so trains can be split for the crossing and air test can be made or pressure maintained. CSXT units 985 3185 90 and a fourth un IDed unit (possibly 9xx3)

Power closeup

A better view of the power and a harvested field

sunny side of train

Other side of coal train. With the oil wells and tanks and the flat as a pancake profile and brown grass, it could be late summer in Texas rather than southern Indiana. Closest thing is the CSX ex L&N "Texas line" which ends across the Ohio River and the opposite side of Evansville.

out to pasture

Put out to pasture. Last two SD9043MAC sit apparently OOS behind the now closed, old 200 building of Bristol-Myers Squibb West of Nations siding. Given the overall troubled existence of the CEFX SD9043MACs and their age its posable they have finished their final assignment. Unit numbers are CEFX 106 and 122

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