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Carmi IL

Carmi IL train order office?

Carmi IL train order office? Along the exL&N now EVWR main line looking towards Evansville.

same bulding, other side

Looking at the office along the ROW from the other direction.


Beyond the building is what appears to be foundations for a pair of water tanks.

signal bridge

Signal bridge approaching the Little Wabash river bridge. The L&N and NYC shared the bridge over the river and then headed off in different directions.

Interior staircase

There must be an interesting story of why there is this staircase inside the middle of the office leading to nowhere.

Train order signal

Train order signal in an otherwise empty lot. Anyone know if that was the location of the L&N wooden station? The view is looking towards Cairo IL on the NYC which is long since lifted, and Mt. Vernon IL on the EVWR.

genaral view of area

Looking down the ROW towards the Little Wabash River from the grade crossing closes to the down town area. The wooden office is to the left by the second pole and behind me to the right is an abandoned train order signal.

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